The Mother Bowen Therapy has a very important role to play in the health care of women both during and after pregnancy. The Bowen Technique (Bowen Therapy) is integral for Mothers-To-Be as it is one of the only therapies that can be performed in its entirety with the patient lying down or in a seated position. As the centre of gravity changes during pregnancy, so do the stresses on the spine. Common pregnancy pains are easily and gently relieved almost immediately with Bowen and is very relaxing both physically and mentally to the expectant mother.

Autism and Bowen

Common pregnancy issues that the mother may experience are:

• Backache
• Sciatica
• Aching legs
• Headaches
• Sinus Congestion
• Fatigue
• Nausea/Dizziness
• Breathlessness
• Heartburn
• Decreased energy levels

The spine and pelvis of an expectant mother are particularly vulnerable because of the extra weight their bodies incur during pregnancy. Hormonal changes make the pelvis suppler during the latter part of the pregnancy. The instability of the pelvis can lead to other strains in the spine and supporting ligaments and muscles. THE BIRTHING PROCESS The process of childbirth puts tremendous stresses and strains on the mother’s musculo-skeletal system.
The birth itself can leave the mother in lot of lower back and pelvic pain. There is also the added strain on the spine while nursing, feeding and caring for the baby.
Most procedures in Bowen Therapy can be performed on an expectant mother right up until labor begins. After the mother has given birth, there are certain Bowen moves that can be performed within a few hours and over the next several months to aid the mother in returning to her natural state prior to pregnancy, and also to give her a sense of calm.

The Child

The birth is one of the most traumatic processes a child will go through. The child is able to have Bowen within a day after birth. Bowen can help not only help to correct and physical misalignments that may have occurred during birth, but also help with any respiratory or feeding issues the child may be experiencing. As it is so gentle the child is barely aware of being treated.

The Bowen Technique can also address:

• Infant Colic
• Blue Babies
• Misalignments in the spine due to labor
• And has been great for hiccups!


A successful birth for both mother and child will be more easily achieved when Bowen is established as an essential element during pregnancy, labor and after birth. Bowen can help maintain health and relaxation for both mother and baby.


The Bowen Technique has an infertility program for those couples trying to conceive who have had other problems ruled out. The success rate has been phenomenal with trials in the UK. For any couples who are interested in the Bowen Technique please contact myself for further information and rates.