Bowen Therapy is a hands on, painless and relaxing form of bodywork. It helps to reset the body’s functions so it can restore its natural healing ability, promote pain relief, recovery of energy and functionality.
For children, a treatment lasts up to 45 min and takes place either on a massage table or with the child sitting up in the parents lap – whatever is more comforting and reassuring for the child.
During the treatment a child does not have to remain still and it can also be adapted to make allowances for the child’s behavior and nature. Usually there a series of short breaks where the patient is left to rest as their body responds to the treatment, when treating children these breaks are not necessary.
Compared to other bodywork treatments there are very few moves made with Bowen. Only a few moves need to be made as not to overstimulate the body as it begins the healing process. With the Bowen technique, a little goes a very long way.
Weekly or bi-weekly treatments over a period of months have been found very beneficial for those with Autism, Aspergers and ADHD, ADD. Some children respond more quickly than others, but throughout the process both parents and children benefit greatly from the sessions.

Autism and Bowen


Quieter, happier children
Improved concentration
Improved interaction and play
Reduction of obsessive behavior
Decrease of anger
Improved sleep
Reduced destructive behavior
Improved use of language
Increased eye contact
Improved family life